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     Adams Office Furniture purchases pre-owned office furniture and systems in both large and small quantities. We will be happy to give you a purchase quote for product located anywhere in the United States if feasible, or if it makes more economic sense from a logistics perspective, we will make an effort to guide you to a purchaser closer to your area. We will explain to you the benefits of an outright purchase by us, the pros and cons of an auction, and/or a sale on site, and do everything possible to ensure that you have the best information and options when liquidating your assets. 

     We will get back to you immediately! – we know that sometimes liquidations happen quickly – we have trucks and personnel ready to move quickly – and we pay you on pick up of the items.  Should we purchase your items outright, we will take all items you want out– good or bad- to make your “move out” experience as clean and trouble free as possible, and are diligent not to “accidentally” leave any unwanted items which create disposal problems.

    We use our own insured personnel that are extremely careful moving within your facility.


We want to help you with your inventory liquidation needs! So, to get started, fill out the information request – attach to your email as much information as you possibly can: inventory list, photos, manufacturer and anything else you would like us to know or you can call us at (214) 348-4741.


We have made it easy for you to upload pictures of the items that you need liquidated. Please leave your name, number and other relevant information below and we will contact you shortly.